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Recycling clothing

Is a lot trickier than popping your (alternative) milk bottles in the recycling bin for kerbside pickup each week. This is because there isn’t the infrastructure set up to process clothing and save it from landfill, in addition to the complex nature of clothing; with the majority being mixed fibres, and trims being made from different materials, making it more complex to deconstruct and recycle.

But the good news is

Soon we’ll be offering the option of returning your products back to our warehouse to send to Upparel (and incredible Melbourne based recycler) once they’re at the end of life.

But in the meantime you’re able to send your worn out clothes directly to them to recycle them in a few easy steps starting with an online pickup form. They'll pick up your old clothing and do all of the hard work of sorting and recycling; helping us get closer to the next step of circularity. Find out more here.