Oooh, what's news? We've rebranded from Team Timbuktu to Amble


Sustainability is core to everything we do

From our fabrics to our factories, to our packaging and our freight, because we believe there should be no compromise on people or planet. 

250,000 bottles recycled into our fabrics

With over 31 bottles recycled into every jacket we make. We only use GRS (Global Recycle Standard) recycled fabrics and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic fabrics to ensure we’re creating high quality collections with as little impact as possible.

To recycle bottles into fabric they’re sorted by colour, with their caps and labels removed, before being sterilised, and melted into chips (Cornflake size) before being melted again into tiny chips (Rice Bubble size) before being extruded into a thread which is then woven into a new fabric.

Ethically made

We’re pretty picky about who we partner with, ensuring we’re only supporting workplaces that have ethical certifications (such as SA8000 and BSCI) and can create long term relationships with to ensure we’re able to create the highest quality product that is sustainably and ethically made. 

We craft our raincoat fabric in Taiwan and our garments in Xiamen, China by a manufacturer with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), meaning they're audited by a third party to ensure they comply to local laws and we receive a detailed report with information about their compliance and working conditions.

Our activewear manufacturer is in Xiamen, China and is a small factory with strict (and fair) working conditions to ensure there is no underage labour, wages are above minimum and leave is paid. 

Our organic cotton mill and manufacturer is located in Tiruppur, India and is outstanding for their policies for their employees, in addition to free training programs if they wish to upskill and lunch provided every day.

Recycled & compostable packaging

All of our packaging is home-compostable and/or recyclable to ensure we’re not creating any additional waste. We use recycled cardboard for our mailing boxes and thank you cards (that are also recyclable), and send our garments in bags made from corn that will decompose in your home compost. This way we’re able to avoid the majority of single use plastics, only using a handful of plastic bags per year - rather than the thousands a company of our (small) size would typically use.

Sustainability really is all encompassing here at Amble. Read about our Carbon Neutrality + Tree Planting here, our Recyling here or Read our Sustainability Reports here.