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From Team Timbuktu to Amble

We've done a bit of growing up lately and have rebranded from Team Timbuktu, to Amble Outdoors.


Whilst we've changed our name, we're still 110% committed to sustainability; recycling post consumer bottles into our fabrics and planting trees for every order. But we're so excited to sprout a new leaf and level up our branding.

So, what does Amble mean? 

To wander, to mosey, to amble along, without any pressure of performance. We're here to encourage and inspire you to get outdoors, but frankly don't mind if you're running marathons or walking your BFF (aka your dog) around the block.

We felt that this concept of leisurely movement, indicative of recreation was the perfect fit for us - rather than the 'quicker, faster, stronger' hectic vibe a lot of other companies go for.


From the very beginning, we've been passionate about building a brand that inspires women to get outdoors and to create products that are not only functional, but also help to lighten the footprint on the planet. From humble beginnings to a community supported crowdfunding campaign and years of hard work, continuing to improve our fabrics, our sizing and all of our touch points we're committed to continual improvement to truly build an incredible outdoors brand for those who haven't traditionally felt included by the industry. 

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and while it is a continually evolving journey, we're proud to have grown to where we are now, having transitioned to 100% recycled fabrics, recycled labels (new!), planting a tree for every order, and an exciting new sustainability step coming in the next few weeks too. And while we've done a bit of growing up as a brand, our values will be no different for Amble, who will continue to be 110% committed to sustainability.


We wouldn't have been able to grow from Team Timbuktu to Amble without your support, so thank you - it truly means the world to this Melbourne based business.