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Top 5 Things to Look For When Buying a Raincoat

Picking a Raincoat or Waterproof Jacket can be overwhelming and it’s normal to feel unsure about whether it’ll be the perfect pick for your next adventure. We know you can feel under the pump when choosing one (especially if you’re investing the big bucks) so we’ve got some tips to help you out. Here are five things you should look out for when choosing your next jacket.

Waterproof Fabric

It may seem obvious, but having a Waterproof Jacket that’s actually waterproof is essential. Here’s the catch though, just because it’s a raincoat doesn’t guarantee that it'll keep you dry in the rain. Waterproof ratings are important to pay attention to if you want a jacket that’sactuallywaterproof. Our Amble Waterproof Jackets are 10,000m rated, and without getting too technical, this means they’ll withstand heavy rain and are highly waterproof no matter the weather conditions. So next time you’re picking out a Waterproof Jacket, make sure it’s more than just water resistant or shower-proof because this will unfortunately leave you soaked and sad in anything more than light rain.

Windproof: Taped Seams

One aspect that’s crucial for a Waterproof Jacket to be properly windproof (and waterproof) is having the seams taped. This ensures that no wind or rain will come through the seams, keeping you warm and dry. Think of sealed seams to a jacket as icing is to a cake. While you can definitely eat cake with no icing and it’ll taste perfectly fine, it won't be as complete or delicious as it could be if it had icing on top. Just like the cake, a Waterproof Jacket could have a great waterproof rating but if the seams aren’t taped then wind and water can still sneak in. If you had a choice between plain cake and cake with icing you’d choose the latter, right? It’s the same for Waterproof Jackets. You want the one that is bothfully windproof and waterproof. Amble’s Waterproof Jackets have the seams taped for this exact reason, making sure you can rest easy knowing all bases are covered (even in torrential weather).


Once again, the most breathable and high quality Waterproof Jackets need to be rated. Why? Because otherwise sweat will get trapped, making you feel all kinds of icky. Plus what’s the point of a waterproof jacket keeping out rain on the outside if you’re going to have sweat on the inside. Our Jackets are rated 10,000g breathable and made out of premium fabrics which allows you to do activities that work up a sweat but won’t leave you feeling damp on the inside.

Sustainably Made

Virgin synthetics are our planet’s worst enemy and we don’t want to be creating more waste and harmful clothing when producing our Waterproof Jackets. This is why we use recycled fibres, namely post-consumer plastic bottles, to create our fabric which is certified with the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

Ethically Made

Just as sustainability is incredibly important to us, so too is the ethics of our fashion. All of our Waterproof Jackets are made with garment manufacturers who hold ethical certifications including BSCI, WRAP, SMETA and/or SA8000. The fabric for our Waterproof Jackets is crafted in Taiwan and the garments are made in Xiamen, China where the manufacturer is audited by a third party to ensure workers are being treated fairly according to local laws and regulations. We also receive detailed reports about their compliance and working conditions because the rights and wellbeing of who made your clothes is something we would never compromise on.

It’s also super important to ensure that the fit of your Waterproof Jackets is right and here at Amble we’ve designed ours to be made for women, by women. This means that bust and hip shapes have been taken into account and will fit you in all the right places. To check it all out,shop here.