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Why We Plant a Tree For Every Order ūüĆ≥

Black Friday sales in November each year are a mad frenzy of fast fashion discounts and unsustainable consumption. To combat this last year we committed to planting trees to help reduce our impact.

After the success of the initiative, we decided to commit to plant one tree for every order. Not just for a week, or a month, but for forever. We figure it's the least we can do for the environment that gives us so much and it's a good step in the direction of further reducing our carbon footprint.

Not only is planting trees good for carbon sequestration, it's also helps to restore forests and reduce poverty, by creating employment. We've partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to help us out with planting, ensuring local communities are meaningfully employed and the right trees are planted for the right locations, enabling the trees greatest chance of growth.

Deforestation is a global issue caused by a multitude of factors, but the regions that are most impacted are poverty stricken and underdeveloped areas which is why we chose to work with Eden Projects whom work with local villages and communities in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras and Nicaragua. 

As a small business it can feel like our impact is limited at times, but every little step counts, and with our one tree planted for one order model, our impact scales as we grow, which of course is entirely thanks to you, our team.

We've planted over 2,500 trees so far and have a whole lot more on our future sustainability to do list: become carbon neutral, introduce end of life clothing recycling, become a B Corp, plus a whole lot more. As a teeny, tiny brand we're starting with something we know we can achieve and will be able to scale the impact when we grow, but we're pretty damn proud of this first step.